I know there’s a chance that you’re having a major Grease flashback right now…” Summer lovin’ happened so fast…”  but, have you wondered what sparks the magic of the “Summer romance”?

What is it about the Summer energy that opens the flow for such passionate romantic connections? Is it the weather? Is it the way the moon cycles shift, is it the beach days, or the fact that sunset is at 8pm? The truth of the matter is, as a Love and Relationship Coach, when I work with my clients to support them with creating breakthroughs within love and relationships in their lives, I’ve noticed a pattern. To clarify, when I say the term “pattern” I’m referring to a specific way of behaving. These consistent, repeated behavior patterns are wired by experiences, thoughts, feelings and circumstances of our past, and are only ever able to produce the same results on repeat.

So, let’s dig into this “pattern” that I’ve noticed. The reason why it appears that the Summer brings these delicious, and full romantic connections is because, we as individuals have stepped outside of the day to day flow of our lives and claimed our Summer selves. You know, that version of yourself that is just more at peace, allows time in the calendar to experience more fun, makes time for days off from the office, vacations and stepping outside of that comfort zone that may follow us around during other times of the year.

Take a moment and look within yourself. Take a personal inventory: Have you noticed this more “care-free” version of your Summer self?  Now, let’s get specific what has really shifted about you? It’s all circles back to your perception of this specific time of year. Even more important your perception of how easy romantic connection can be during this specific time of year.

So, let’s that this one step further…the question that is begging to be answered is how do you sustain that Summer magic and take it into a long-term relationship?

Here are specific things that you can implement to create that Summer self all year long:

  1. The belief that falling in love can be easy: I know, it sounds too easy. However, cultivating an actual belief in something means that every time you tell yourself it can be so easy to fall in love that you’ll also have to listen to the part of your mind and hear that doesn’t believe that to be true. You’ll need to let go of the part of yourself that doesn’t believe falling in love can be easy. Which really means a daily mantra practice. By being consistent with the messages you tell yourself you will notice the part of you that doesn’t believe will get quieter.
  2. Visualization: Paint yourself a picture of the epic sparks you want to experience with your partner. This is a practice of meditation and journaling where you will craft a crystal-clear picture of how you want to feel, communicate, spend your time, and express your passion while maintain your relationship. The clearer you become about how you want this to feel, the easier it will be to maintain that connect over time.
  3. Sustain Summer all year long: I’m talking about planning date nights, adventures and saying yes to things all year long that create that sense of care-free-ness that you cultivate during the Summer. Yes, of course we are responsible for doing our work and taking care of our responsibilities but, you can create that Summer vibe all year long if you make it a priority. Building successful relationships means that you are leaving plenty of space for fun. You and your partner can each write a list of your favorite date night suggestions and take turns each week checking one of those dates of your bucket-list.

Remember, you can have the life that you would love living, while sustaining a Summer romance all year long. If you’re looking for a guide to support you in creating a life that you truly love, I, Donna Broadwell, CHt., CMT am here to serve. I am proud to be a Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master, Teacher, and Imagery Master. I get to live my dream of abundance and specializes in serving others to experience the same! If you would love to grow and expand into new ways of living your best life feel invited to connect with me for a complimentary strategy call.