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Are You:

• Ready to step up and stand out for your success but are frustrated because you can’t figure out how to get what you really want?

• Working hard yet are unable to achieve the success that you truly desire?

• Wanting to do what you love and enjoy but you sacrifice what you want for pitching in to do what the boss, your team, or other people want?

• Frustrated that you can’t make a difference in the work and for the people that truly matter to you?

• Feeling controlled and restricted by your circumstance and you want more fun, more freedom and flexibility to enjoy your career and your life?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then The DreamBuilder is for you! It is the perfect coaching program for anyone who has a desire to discover and to actualize the vision and purpose for his or her life. The curriculum is based on the groundbreaking work of Mary Morrissey and includes a workbook and a 16 CD set which features Mary herself, based on over 35 years of helping people to manifest the life of their dreams.

What we will accomplish together in 12 weeks will amaze you, and, if you whole-heartedly commit yourself to this journey, will absolutely change your life!

Don’t worry if you are unclear about your vision or life-mission. Simply show up with the desire to live the life that is calling you, a life that up until now, may have been eluding you. I’ll guide you through the steps of building a dream for a life you truly love.