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I’m ready! What’s the next step?2019-05-02T17:22:12+00:00

Click the button below. This will allow you to choose and schedule the service that is right for you.  If you are still unsure, feel free to send an email with your questions so I can address them fully.

If you are interested in the “Unleash Your Love Life” 90-day program, click here to schedule a Strategy Session to ensure this program is right for you.

I look forward to connecting with you!

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For what type of people are your programs NOT going to work?2018-07-12T02:04:39+00:00

Please know I’m very selective about who I work with. I cherry-pick my clients, choosing to (gently) turn away people who are not suited for my programs or coaching, or whom won’t get the results for which they would have signed up for. It simply wouldn’t be fair to them or me.

The UNLEASH YOUR LOVE LIFE programs and Empowerment Coaching sessions are NOT for those who unwilling to take action, expecting a quick fix, or are chronic skeptics, excuse makers or looking for someone else to do the work for them. If you are in this category, that is Ok! You still have my deepest love and respect. At one point or another in our life, we have all been where you are. I will be here when you are ready to whole heartedly invest in yourself.

What type of personality do you work best with, and what is expected of me?2018-07-12T02:04:19+00:00

All of my offerings, specifically the UNLEASH YOUR LOVE LIFE Program, Empowerment Coaching and Workshops, were created for people who are absolutely excited and dead serious about creating lasting change in their lives. I hand pick people for my programs and coaching by determining if you are ready to do the work, committed to moving forward, and ready to submit to the call of living your best life possible.

My expectations are that you will take serious consistent action and be willing to take complete responsibility for your life; with no excuses! In exchange, you will have my full support and guidance while you achieve the breakthroughs required to move you FORWARD!

Having been a coaching client myself (every great achiever needs support!), I know how intimidating it can be to invest in yourself, especially when you are not certain if you really have what it takes. Let me assure you, if you’ve read this far, YOU DO! With commitment, superior support and determination to be − and have MORE − you WILL achieve a happier, fuller life, overflowing with love, success and a greater understanding of yourself and others.

Why coach with me?2018-07-12T02:03:56+00:00
  • You will experience real shifts in your personal power.
  • You will experience Empowerment Coaching in a way that is specific to you and your needs (not one-size-fits-all).
  • You will be equipped with tools to use in your everyday life to keep you on track.
  • You will receive support and direction in creating and achieving a life you love living.
  • You will learn how to access your inner power and wisdom.

You have my complete support, honesty and commitment to your success.

What sets you apart from other coaches?2018-07-12T02:03:27+00:00
  • I have a GREAT toolbox full of modalities and can use one (or all of them) to get results for you:
  • Hypnotherapy

  • Guided Imagery

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, aka. Tapping)

  • Mindfulness

  • Energy Healing (Reiki)

  • I am laser focused on getting to the root of the issue, not just managing the symptoms.
  • I use highly intuitive, compassionate coaching but will call you out on behaviors and attitudes that keep you stuck, broke and lonely.
  • I approach your stumbling blocks from many angles.
  • I bring a spiritual (not religious) component to coaching that helps you to realign with your true self.
Who are your clients?2018-07-12T02:02:30+00:00

I work with people just like you, who are tired of going in circles with their relationships, and despite their best efforts, still have not found their ultimate mate. My ideal client is at the end of their figurative rope. They have been through the wringer so many times and hurt so very deeply that they are finally ready, willing and able to commit to doing the work needed to learn how to live their best life.

How do you identify a great COACH?2018-07-12T01:59:35+00:00

A great coach doesn’t simply sit in front of you and give you advice. No: A great coach is trained to ask evocative questions that will pull the answers from within you. Nobody knows how to determine what is right for you…but YOU! A great coach doesn’t offer you a “quick fix”, but instead will provide the structure you need for steady and lasting change, specifically regarding how you relate to your world. While it is entirely possible that a change can happen quickly, or even instantly, it always involves effort on your part to set the change in motion.

A GREAT coach will be your biggest fan, your greatest motivator, your loudest cheerleader, your toughest challenger, and an invaluable resource as you overcome your biggest obstacles.

How would having a COACH benefit ME?2018-07-12T01:59:09+00:00

Highly successful people are aware they must have a good support system in place. There are times we need expert support, encouragement and focus to get through challenging times, or just to keep us on a healthy mental track. What could do that for you could be as simple as a shift in our way of thinking, a different perspective, accountability or assistance in the creation of balance in your life. Having a heightened awareness of any, or all these things will have a direct effect on your success.

You could have more money than you could ever spend but be totally out of balance in your time and money freedom. Your relationships may be suffering, or you may be suffering because of your current relationships, and your health could be declining due to constantly high stress levels.

With a coach’s assistance, attention will be drawn to the areas that are out of whack and a plan will be put into play to shift into a more workable lifestyle that would include more time created to devote to your family, to your health, finding love in your life or something as wonderful as falling in love with yourself.

If you are unsatisfied with your life and the direction it is taking, it could be very helpful to have a coach to help you identify areas that need your attention. Some people simply get STUCK and lose sight of how to keep moving forward. This goes against our very nature, as we are expansive beings. A coach would be able to shine a light on why you are STUCK and how to move forward.

What is a COACH, and how are they different from a counselor or a psychologist?2018-07-12T01:58:40+00:00

I believe this analogy explains the difference best: “A therapist will help you “unpack your suitcase”, while a coach will help you pick it up and walk across the street.”

Counselors or psychologists generally help the client reexamine past issues in a clinical and therapeutic way, to help them feel better and live more effectively today. Their emphasis is on resolving negative feeling states and behaviors, mostly by focusing on the “why” and the “how”, to aid your healing from your past. This type of therapy can help you get from not-so-good to good.

Coaching differs in that it works with clients to help you begin to form future goals and achieve them. Coaching focuses on an action towards an outcome. We stay focused on looking towards creating a brighter, more fulfilling future in harmony with a more balanced life. A great coach w1ill help you focus on YOU and help you to understand why YOU are so important. Coaching helps you get from good to GREAT!