It’s amazing how powerful our minds can be! Have you found yourself replaying your past mistakes or moments of “failure” over and over again? Do you still feel pain or regret from the past? What if we could dump the baggage and stories of our past and move forward! What if you could heal yourself and be emotionally and energetically prepared to live your best life?!

Let’s dive into some key points that will support your process of letting go of the baggage of your past experiences.

Healing Yourself:

Here’s a moment for some real reflection. How successful do you feel you’d be in relationship if you took all your past pain along with you into a new relationship? I bet, you’re already clear that this would not be the greatest of plans. So, that leads us to explore how we begin to unload the baggage we carry from past experiences. The key is creating the freedom for us to express who we truly are. This includes identifying what belongs to us and what belongs to others. Simply said, what is truly yours to own?


The Authentic You:

The truth is, it’s only after you let go of the belief that you are a culmination of all your past experiences that you will ever get the opportunity to show up as the authentic YOU.

Let’s examine this further.

Which of these perspectives do you think will yield a healthier relationship, not to mention a better dating experience?

I am the sum of all the experiences and people I have met and been involved with,


I am uniquely me and I have learned from every person I have met and everything I have experienced.

The nuance between the two is subtle, but unbelievably p-o-w-e-r-f-u-l.


Think back to some of your most satisfying hugs. This would probably be a picture of you in an embrace with one other person, both arms around each other, pulling each other close.  Imagine how unfulfilling that hug would feel if one of you was keeping an arm behind their back all the while. Now, imagine how it would feel if each of you held an arm behind your backs, never consenting to join in that hug completely.


Instead, I’m encouraging you allow yourself to feel your past, deeply.  Developing the ability to look at each experience throughout your life, regardless of whether perceived to be “good” or “bad”, all the while feeling and processing the emotions that experience brings up, is one of the healthiest most self-loving healing things you can do for yourself.

Pain + Reflection = Progress


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