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Learning to speak your Love Language!

Did you know that there were different languages that communicated love? As I support my clients in Unleashing their love life, I’ve found that understanding the way that each person has a unique desire to be loved in a specific way…which falls in alignment with these individual love languages. According to Dr. Gary Chapman, author of The 5 Love [...]

7-styles of mindful meditation for your daily practice

To honor a #WisdomWednesday practice I wanted to dive into a very important aspect of any spiritual or personal development process…which is mindful meditation. Meditation is a way for you to connect with the infinite no matter where you are in your day to day life. In today’s blog article I have outlines 7-styles of mindful meditation that will [...]

5 Steps to manifest your dream relationship!

Do you have a dream of your perfect relationship?! No matter where you are on your journey towards romantic partnership attracting and manifesting your perfect relationship requires a willingness to try some new things. As I guide my clients through the process of shifting the paradigms they have in pace around love, I’ve found that allowing deep love into [...]

Date Yourself! 5 Tips that will help you fall more in-love with you!

Date Yourself! 5 Tips that will help you fall more in-love with yourself and prepare you for dating! Are you feeling prepared to fall in love? Do you feel any resistance when you hear that question? It’s amazing how many people “think” they are a match for a great love and below the surface have layers within themselves that [...]

What makes a relationship work?

What Makes It Work? My husband and I just celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. We hear it all the time…”Oh my gosh! You are just the cutest couple!! You’re always so happy and smiling and holding hands. I wish I had some of that!” Yes, we are holding hands every chance we get. When we sit next to each [...]

5 Ways to Open Your Heart!

Could today be the day that you allowed your heart to open?! When beginning an emotional healing journey, it starts with opening the locks placed on your heart-space. Could there be a way to melt the tightness in your muscles, expand your breath, while increasing the capacity you have to feel deeply from your heart? An open heart can [...]

Top 4 Action Steps to Say YES to relationships!

Are you being honest with yourself about your ability to say yes to a deep relationship? Most of us who are not currently with their perfect someone has probably said YES, I’m ready for my person. The interesting thing that I’ve come across again and again while working with my clients is that their words may have been saying [...]