Have you found yourself not fully sharing your true feelings…when it comes to love are you the one who is willing to share opening about how you feel? It’s important to remember that life is too short to leave important words unsaid.

We rush through life working and tackling day-to-day concerns, but often forget to stop ourselves to connect with those we love.  The permanent residents of our hearts deserve to know the depth of our love and appreciation for them. Our best friends, siblings, parents and spouses walk with us on our journey through life. Yet, when asked, one of the things that people on their deathbeds regret the most is not expressing their emotions–not telling those they loved how much they meant to them.

Let’s free the love in our hearts as we realize these three reasons to tell someone you love them, today:

  1. Tomorrow is not promised. Did you know that the average human life lasts 657,000 days, if we live to be seventy-five?  Thousands of these hours will be spent in ways we can’t control work, traffic and running to meetings.  What we can choose is how we share love in our lives.  We can radiate love and connection.  What if you were to tell every person that you love how much they mean to you.  Share your love…don’t let another hour go by—the answer is simply…but takes practice. It will require you to be vulnerable and share your feelings.  Tell them…and tell them now.


  1. Love is transformation.  A fated meeting can shift your world. Falling in love can transform your life. Are you willing to allow yourself to be radically transformed by opening your heart? In today’s digital world it can be surprisingly simple to feel connected without ever really needing to open your heart. As I work with clients, I hear regularly a declaration of being ready to “love” …but the action steps to move in the direction of love are not present. Question, what action steps would you love to see taken in your life if you were in a place to dive deep into connection with someone? This may mean that you’ll have to expose specific parts of yourself…your soul, your journey, your fears, your stories… It may feel vulnerable, but it will change you both for the better.


  1. Live without regrets. Where does regret steam from? I believe it’s from the things that go unsaid and actions that are never taken. Before it’s too late for us, let’s set down our false pride.  Let’s set down the need to control everything; let’s soften our hearts to the true power of love.  Tell those that matter how much their daily presence means to you.  Call your dearest friends and tell them how their support has changed you for the better.  Hug your mom a little tighter as you wish her a goodnight.  Tell your partner that your world is a better place because of their unconditional love…or if you are manifesting your partner than bring that energy of unconditional love into your search for your mate. Let them see their goodness and beauty through the warmth of your loving gaze. Express the love that lives in your heart freely and never doubt that you’ve shown the people in your life how much you care.

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