A Powerful 4-Week Self-Love Program to Help You Become the Queen of Your Own Life

Each Tuesday Night in February, give yourself the gift of two delicious hours of love, learning and laughter to honor the most important person in your life – YOU! 

During this program you will:

Tap into your inner strength, and learn to be present

Understand the benefits of setting and keeping good boundaries

Get comfortable with being seen and find your “voice”

Tear down the walls you have put up that keep you from having loving, meaningful relationships.

Discover the root cause of patterns in your work and family life that keep you “stuck”

Learn to nurture, love and forgive yourself so you can be your own best friend

Witness your own transformation as you learn to love and accept yourself, even if you don’t have the “perfect” body

Use your voice, actions and intentions to gain respect from those around you

Experience self-care without guilt or feeling selfish

Honor your true worth and become your own biggest cheerleader

Get up off that floor, exercise your voice and get comfortable with your power!

Learn how to set your standards high and how to ask for what you need

Become the “Queen” of your own life starting now

Tuesday evenings, 6-8 p.m. in Ventura
New sessions June 4-25, 2019

Make this a gift you give to YOURSELF and see how it will change your life in every area!

Class space is limited