Have you ever found yourself longing for “your truth”? Or perhaps you’ve been looking for love or trying to create freedom in your life! As I support my clients with Love and Relationship Coaching as well as Energy Healing what I see often is people who are searching for their “truth”.

Here are somethings to consider when your searching for truth or looking to create love and freedom in your life:

If you want to have love, to give and receive love, make sure it’s healthy love.

Unconditional love is not something to give away blindly. If you try to go for unconditional love without also searching for your personal truth, you will get lost in allowing anything in as we know that love can be blind. Unconditional love can make you a pacifist who doesn’t necessarily express your wants or needs…and perhaps won’t stand up for yourself or walk away from things that aren’t good for you. Unconditionally loving an abuser is not a path to tap into your own personal truth.

I’m not saying that all love is at its best to be unconditional. Healthy Love can come with conditions for everyone… except for your children, who need love and care to grow and that unconditional love with show them an important pathway.

I’m not saying love isn’t important. I’m also not saying that your truth or your experience of freedom isn’t important.

I’m saying to get real freedom, you need real love/care, and you need authentic truth as the foundation for it all. You need to know your truth, what feels right vs. what feels heavy, and most importantly what is in alignment with your morals and beliefs. Otherwise, It’s only an illusion.

Here are a few ways to understand what feels like real love/care to you:

  • Ask yourself what are 5 ways that I feel loved? Journal the answers
  • Go into meditation and recall a time in your life where you felt connect to real love: What was happening in that moment? Who were you with, what sensations can you recall?
  • Make a list of the things/behaviors that you call moral
  • Make a list of ways a which you know you would NOT want to be treated.
  • Do you know your love language? There are five ways at which each person really chooses to be loved.

Sure, many have personal love in relationships, but are you talking about the serious issues? Our relationships and friendships need to be based on the moments where we trust enough to say the tougher things. Deep relationships…that real love/care are cultivated from being willing to take the deep breath and say the stuff that feels uncomfortable- from a place of love!

If we want real freedom, we must have care/love for others in general, and not push through or beyond their boundaries. There is no true freedom if we’re not truly concerned for others. Freedom only manifests when we have connection with others, and they feel connected and safe with us.

Really, without truth, connect and knowing how you feel love and how you share love with others there is no deeper, authentic, or genuine love.

So, it’s truth, then love, then freedom.

You can have the life that you would love living. If you’re looking for a guide to support you in creating a life that you truly love, I, Donna Broadwell, CHt., CMT am here to serve. I am proud to be a Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master, Teacher, and Imagery Master. I get to live my dream of abundance and specializes in serving others to experience the same! If you would love to grow and expand into new ways of living your best life feel invited to connect with me for a complimentary strategy call.