My Passion…

I know no greater joy than helping someone transform their life for the better; to see newfound hope in someone’s eyes, a spring in their step where none existed before, or an expression of positive confidence as my client finally discovers the true love in their life.
My greatest passion is helping you realize the love and life you deserve.

Ever Think…

  • Why do I feel trapped waiting for Luck to find me “The One?”
  • What’s holding me back from locating the love of my life?
  • Why do I continue to attract the same kind of person?
  • Why do I sometimes feel vulnerable and powerless on a date?
  • Why do I sabotage myself whenever I meet someone great?
  • How can someone like me when I don’t really like myself?
  • How do I get clear on what I really want in my ideal partner?

Take Control Today!

  • Never rely on Fate again!
  • Remove all blocks keeping you from the love you deserve!
  • Free yourself from old relationship patterns and start anew!
  • Feel powerful and in control at all times!
  • Break the cycle of self-sabotage for good!
  • Fall deeply in love with who you are!
  • Get clear on the type of person who is “The One” for you!


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The Ways I Serve…

Unleash Your Love Life Program

A powerful step-by-step process to remove the blocks between you and love

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Love Workshops

Gain important insights, principles and tools to create healthy, loving relationships that last

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Personalized Coaching

Achieve any goal faster with tailored support to break through limiting patterns, thoughts and actions

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Gentle yet powerful energy therapy that greatly reduces stress and aids the mind and body to heal itself

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Past Life Regression Therapy

Use insights from the past to help you move forward in the present

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Speak directly to your subconscious mind to repattern beliefs and behaviors that are sabotaging your success.

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What People Are Saying…

Olyvia D.

CEO, Align Mii

“Before meeting Donna, I struggled with a childhood trauma that manifested itself in unexpected, controlling and unhealthy ways… “Why would anyone ever want to fall in love with me?”
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Peggy R.

Principal, Sandstone Freelance Services

“Thanks to Donna’s help, I am finally able to forge a new life for myself: guilt-free and unencumbered by issues far outside my realm of control.”
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Judi P.

Art Director, Palimor Design Studios and co-founder of

“Donna has helped me uncover unconscious beliefs that were sabotaging my goals. I love her caring but ”no B.S.” approach guiding me into deeper self-discovery and increased results.”
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Elizabeth L.

Yoga Instructor and Master Certified Health & Wellness Coach

“Working with Donna has opened the door to me getting to know and love myself for who I really am. I’m now launching into a new career I’ve been dreaming of for the last 20 years!”
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Lindsay C.

Camarillo, CA

“Donna is an amazing coach and mentor. Her care and skill have changed my life completely.”
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Sheri P.

Carpinteria, CA

“I highly recommend Donna…Whether you need to retrain your thinking, learn how to cope better with stress and trauma, or just have a neutral party to help navigate Life’s challenges.”
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“Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside them was superior to circumstance.”

~ Bruce Barton

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