What type of personality do you work with best and what is expected of me?

All of my offerings are created for people who are excited, ready, and very serious about creating change and growth in their lives. I hand pick people for my coaching by determining if you are ready to do the transformational work, committed to moving forward, and ready to submit to the call of living your best life possible. My only expectation is that you will take serious, consistent action and be willing to take complete responsibility for your life; with NO excuses.

In exchange, you will have my full support and guidance while you are achieving the breakthroughs required to move you FORWARD! Being a coaching client myself, (every great achiever needs support and guidance!) I understand how challenging it can be to step out and invest in yourself, especially if you are not sure you have what it takes.

If you have read this far, I believe you DO have the motivation and courage to act. With commitment, superior support, and determination, you can achieve a happier, fuller life, overflowing with love, success and a greater understanding of yourself and others.

For what type of people are your programs NOT going to work?

Coaching is NOT designed for people who are not willing to take personal responsibility for their life, health, and happiness. If you are stuck in a continual “blame game” and expect others to “fix” life for you, you are not in the right head or heart space for coaching. If you are pretty sure you know everything already, and are not teachable, coaching is not for you.

If you find you are in any of the above categories, that is OK! You still have my deepest love and respect. At one point or another in our lives, we have all been where you are. I will be there when you are all in and ready to invest the time, effort, and resources in your transformation.

Why would having a coach benefit me?

Highly successful people are fully aware that they must have a good support system in place. Asking for guidance and support is not a sign of weakness but a show of personal power.

A coach helps you see things from a different perspective that you could never see from your vantage point. Whether you need a slight tweak in your thinking or a major overhaul of habits, thoughts and actions, a coach can support you by holding you accountable, call you on your “stuff,” and shine light on elements that you might not be able to see.

Sometimes you can get STUCK and it’s very difficult to see how to dig out of the rut. This goes against our nature as we are inherently expansive beings. A coach can help you get out of that stuck-ness and help you move forward.

Who are your ideal clients?

I work with women of all ages that feel they have lost control of their lives. They feel like they are powerless over their circumstances and helpless to move forward. Many are so deep in survival mode that they have forgotten that they are powerful creators and that they were made to thrive, create, and prosper. So many feel they are stuck in unhappy relationships, in the middle of a divorce, paralyzed by lack of self-confidence and don’t believe they have the ability, or the “know how” to take back their power.

My ideal client is at the END of settling for anything less than a happy life. She is ready to learn how to love herself unconditionally and get back in the driver’s seat of her own destiny. She is at a point where her happiness means more to her than anything. Are you there yet?

Why coach with me?

The number ONE reason to coach with me is…TOGETHER, WE GET RESULTS!

My approach is one of empowering you to take control of your own destiny and life. Instead of creating dependance, I strive to give you a huge toolbox of powerful things you can use to help you in whatever situation you find yourself in. This creates self-confidence and empowers YOU!

Instead of giving “advice”, I challenge you with evocative questions. I believe in you and know that within you are all of the answers you need. I just teach you how to access that part of yourself that is connected to “Source,” so ultimately you will be able to access the answers you need to your tough questions.

I do use an element of spiritualism in my coaching. I don’t believe you can achieve balance unless you incorporate all parts of who you really are. These parts include mind, body, and spirit. This spiritualism is not religion based and all belief systems are welcome.

I will be your greatest motivator, your greatest fan, your loudest cheerleader, your toughest challenger, your accountability partner, and an invaluable resource as you face and overcome your biggest obstacles.

What is a COACH and how do they differ from a counselor or psychologist?

A psychologist is a licensed professional who has the ability to diagnose and treat mental illness. They are trained to treat mental, emotional, and physical trauma, diagnose disorders, and sometimes prescribe medications. Psychologists and mental health therapists are trained to use interventions that focus on past traumas to improve self-destructive habits and help to repair and/or develop relationships. Psychologists aspire to bring the client to intellectual functioning by focusing on the client’s dysfunction which is different from the coaching approach.

Coaching, in contrast, is more future focused (solutions-focused coaching).This helps you in discovering solutions, building on strengths, and finding positive ways of moving forward towards success. A coach is there to promote vocational and avocational improvement and mainly used for self-help. A coach can provide support to help you with current stresses of work, career, relationships, life path and self-care guidance. A coach does NOT treat mental illness nor provide psychotherapy.

There is no current regulatory oversight on the coaching industry, but it is highly recommended that your coach be “certified” and has received some kind of training in their field of expertise.

I am operating in the role as a COACH and not a licensed mental health provider. I have been certified by more than one training program and am continually staying updated with the latest trainings in my areas of expertise.

If there is an issue that is out of my scope of understanding or feel you need a mental health provider, I will refer you to someone who is a licensed professional.