Welcome! My name is Donna Broadwell and I would love to partner with you in creating a new, powerful way of living and be-ing.

If you are a woman and…

…your friends are avoiding you because they don’t want to hear about your same drama.

… you NEVER put yourself first.

… you feel like life is completely out of control and life is happening TO you.

…you have completely lost touch with who YOU are and what your purpose is.

…you want real, actionable answers to your life.  

My average client’s story goes something like this . . .

You are trying your hardest, keeping it together for your job, friends, family, and yourself. You find yourself giving amazing advice to all of your friends about their problems and if they just would listen, they wouldn’t have any more problems. So why do you find yourself sitting in front of the mirror with swollen, red eyes, not understanding why you feel powerless, victimized, hopeless and exhausted in your own life? All of your attention is directed at the PROBLEM, be it a situation, relationship, or predicament. It’s all you think about – day and night. You worry about it, you might even pray about it, ponder it nonstop, and chatter about it endlessly to your friends and family until you fall into hopelessness. How did you get here? Where did it all go so wrong?

YOU ARE STUCK in survival mode…
YOU ARE STUCK in toxic relationship patterns…
YOU ARE STUCK in a loop of fear, confusion, and powerlessness…

What will it take to get your POWER BACK?? You must . . .

  • Learn to tap into your subconscious, the part of your mind that colors your world and is trying to keep you safe by keeping you from new and different experiences
  • Rewriting the programming that has been set by every situation, experience, and conversation you have ever had your whole life
  • Build the bridge from the way it has always been to the life you have always wanted

I am trained to help you reprogram your subconscious mind and finally give you the chance to CHOOSE how YOU want to live.

My job as your coach is to…

…help you connect with your true, authentic voice from your HEALED self.

…support you in recognizing the many ways you are giving away your personal power.

…guide you in practices that will ground and center you.

…teach you how to be resilient no matter what life throws at you.

…always tell you the truth…not just what you want to hear.

Today EVERYTHING changes! The process is simple, and you will be able to join an elite group of women who are living life with their eyes and hearts wide open.

Here’s how we do this:

  • Make an appointment for a FREE consultation call. You have nothing to lose. This will help both of us decide if we are a good fit for each other.
  • We start with three sessions. Within those three sessions, we can evaluate progress and see if you just needed a slight tweak in your perspective or if you need further support to a new, more powerful you.
  • Choose a customized membership package. Keep your momentum going strong with continual mentorship and coaching. As they become available, you will have special access to online classes, blogs and unique meditations designed to keep you on course.