Even though I’ve been a devoted student to personal development for many years, Donna has helped me uncover unconscious beliefs that were sabotaging my goals. I love her caring but “no B.S.” approach guiding me into deeper self-discovery and increased results. I feel that I’ve made some real breakthroughs and am finally seeing success in some areas I had been feeling stuck in for years. She has helped me stay focused, on track, and doesn’t let me get away with excuses or limiting beliefs. Her guidance is exactly the support structure I was needing to take me to the next level.

Judy P.
Art Director, Palimor Design Studios and co-founder of TheSpiritualMall.com

Peggy R.
Principal, Sandstone Freelance Services

I’m a widow who has spent most of the last decade trying to help my adult bipolar son deal with the hardships associated with his disease.

Donna was there for me when I needed her the most. She helped me realize the best way to serve my son was by becoming a positive example of what a successful life with mental illness could look like.  Donna explained the only way to do this was for me to focus on myself. I needed to attend to my own wants and needs first. She also taught me that anything good for me could not be bad for him. These days, I can listen to my son’s issues without taking them on as my own. I have been able to give him the space and freedom he needs to learn how to be an adult, living by himself.  This is true love!

Thanks to Donna’s help, I am finally able to forge a new life for myself: guilt-free and unencumbered by issues far outside my realm of control.

Thank you, Donna, for giving me my life back!

Before meeting Donna, I struggled with a childhood trauma that manifested itself in unexpected controlling and unhealthy ways; especially when it came to finding love. I had a great deal of blame deeply seated in my heart for myself and for others. I did not have love or respect for anyone, especially myself. Why would anyone ever want to fall in love with me?

Donna and I began our work using hypnotherapy combined with personalized coaching. Together, we worked so thoroughly and deeply on my issues that we actually uprooted problems I truly had not even realized were connected. Through this work, I was able to forgive myself and those around me. It was like I was able to love everyone more deeply, without reserve and especially without judgement.

One of Donna’s requirements is that you be accountable to yourself and take responsibility for all that happens in your life. She is all sweetness until you begin throwing out excuses and not fessing up to your own bullshit. When this happens, she kicks your spiritual ass, causing you to become honest with yourself, your life and your higher purpose. It can be intense, but if you lean into the work, you can come out on the other side with some serious insight as well as an action plan on how to avoid those issues again. I always felt unconditional love coming from Donna and even during the tough parts of our work felt safe, cared for and guided to meet myself, wholly.

As a result, these days I feel a deeper connection with myself, as well as others. I feel I have a true understanding of my purpose and a fearless reserve to go after it. It is such a blessing to have someone that I can reach out to for support, whenever I need it.

Olyvia D.
CEO, AlignMi

Elizabeth L.
Yoga Instructor and Master Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Before Donna, I labored under the false belief that I had to live my life the way others wanted me to. I had a hard time letting go of negative experiences and relationships from my past, even though I knew they were holding me back from living the life I wanted for myself.

Donna helped me see that I have the power to be true to myself and live the life I want.

Working with her has opened the door to me getting to know and love myself for who I really am. I’m now launching into a new career I’ve been dreaming of for the last 20 years!

They say that people come into our lives for a reason and I truly believe that is the case with Donna!

Meeting her and working with her for the last 18 months has changed my life for the better.  She loves what she does (helping people live their best lives possible) and this comes through loud and clear in her work!

Her enthusiasm for life is contagious! It was such a gift and blessing that I was able to meet her and change my old negative, fear-based thinking so drastically.

Before I worked with Donna, I did not believe in hypnotherapy/visualization, but it really works!

Whether you need to retrain your thinking, learn how to cope better with stress and trauma, or just have a neutral party to help navigate life’s challenges with you, I highly recommend Donna as an effective outlet and a great experience.

Sheri P.
Carpinteria, CA

Lindsay C.
Camarillo, CA

Donna is an amazing coach and mentor. Her care and skill have changed my life completely. She is a great match for those of us who are ready and seeking change, growth and fulfillment. She is positive, energetic and highly intuitive. I would highly recommend her (and have) to anyone!

Donna has been nothing but a blessing in my life.